Latest updates!

01.09.2003 Final Standings are up. Match results and pictures follow later!
09.08.2003 Added timetable at the bottum of the main page.
Made some clarifications of the tournament rules.
21.07.2003 The 60th coach registered today. We checked the place and tables in the venue and found the possibilty to offer another 10 places, expanding the tournament capacity to a total of 70 (last word!), so if you plan to come, you better register soon.
After receiving 70 registrations, we'll keep the database open, so you are still able to register for the waiting list, however we'll not let you pay anything or confirm your place until someone else who registered earlier drops out.
If you are registered and did not hear anything from us, please drop us an email!
06.07.2003 Did some work on the tournament rules on the main page, including a change in the skill allocation system and some clarifications. Please re-read the whole section to avoid inconsitency in the rules interpretation.
If you want to change your race selection due to these small changes, just drop us an email.
05.07.2003 New website design goes online. It give you more Morg'n'Thorg, less advertising and this news page to keep you updated.
04.07.2003 Fanatic is sponsoring our tournament with some exclusive unreleased miniatures (2 Minotaur Big Guys, 2 Dwarfs with Bomb Secret Weapon and a Dark Elf Referee) and a Blood Bowl Annual 2003 to give away as tournament prizes (click on the pictures to enlarge).


01.07.2003 Shadowforge is sending some sponsored prizes all the way from Australia! These will be two of our main prizes, an crisp new Female Elf Gridiron Team and a Nun Gridirion Team, both coming with an additional pack of 3 different cheerleaders!


28.06.2003 We have updated our webpage with some accomodation possiblities. You can find them on the bottom of the "Where to go" page.