Follow the call ...

    Once a year, coaches from all over the Warhammer World gather in the town of Mannheim, located in a southern region of the empire called Kurpfalz, in a large valley where the rivers Neckar and Rhein meet. They donīt come by accident, but follow the call from one of the most famous Blood Bowl Stars ever seen: Morg'n'Thorg.

    This tournament is a place, where young teams can compete and prove their skill to various talent scouts from the higher rated NAF teams. Morg'n'Thorg is there to provide his fame, lots of autographs and of course Orcidas sponsorship, but being a star dedicated to the love of the game (and the possiblity to crush some heads), it's not possible to completly keep him away from the action on the pitch of glory (and blood).


Tournament Organization

The tournament will take place in Ilvesheim, near Mannheim on the weekend of August, 30/31, 2003. We have space for 60 people, so if you plan to go, please register early. The tournament will be international and NAF sanctioned. For details on what the NAF is and offers to Blood Bowl coaches, please visit the NAF page.)

The tournament fee is 27 Euros for NAF members and includes:

  • Tournament fee for location and organization.
  • Lots of nice Blood Bowl related prices in several categories (1st and 2nd from final, best non-finalist, best painted, etc.).
  • Breakfast and warm lunch on both tournament days, Water and Ice Tea during the games.

Non-NAF members will pay 35 Euros and additionally receive:

  • A one year NAF-membership giving you discounts at most international tournaments and a participation in world ranking system.
  • A set of 3 very cool NAF black blocking dice and a NAF membership card.
In order to claim one of the places in the tournament you will have to register via this web page. We will then contact you with payment details. As soon as we received the tournament fee payment and all required details, we will confirm your participation, which guarantees you a place in the tournament. You can always check the status of your registration online.

You will have to bring the following things:

  • Your painted team and coaching staff miniatures (non-GW or converted are allowed if different positions can easily be recognized).
  • A Blood Bowl game set, if you own one.
  • A Morg'n'Thorg or other Orge miniature if you own one.
  • Two copies of your team roster. We'll collect one and check every team.


Tournament Rules

The basic game rules are those of the living rulebook v2.0, which is available on the official Bloodbowl page. However, the following additions and exception are made:

  • Coaches can use 1.100.000 gold crowns to build there teams (valid starting team has TR110). This starting team stays the same throughout the tournament, so no after game winnings and fan factor changes, with the exception of added skills (see below). In fact, all pre- and post game dice rolls except the weather roll are cancelled.
  • Freebooting anything is not allowed, so you better spend your cash.
  • The Halfling team receives a free master chef head coach who can steal one Reroll on a 2+ per half (rule from BBMag #7). However, no additional money can be spent to aquire additional chances to steal Rerolls.
  • The Goblin team can hire up to 2 of the 4 Goblin Secret Weapon Star Players for the full price listed in the rules. They are treated like permanent members of the team, but may not aquire skills.
  • Starplayers (other than Goblins and Morg'n'Thorg, see below) and wizards will not turn up for such a minor tournament.
  • Players do not collect Star Player points, however, the coaches are allowed to give one skill to a player of their choice after game 1, 2, 4 and 5. You can choose a skill from the normal categories accessible for the player's position. No player may be given more than one skill.
    After round 3, at the end of tournament day one, you can chose to either:
    • give a skill or trait to a player who has not yet received a skill, following the rules for a double at the starplayer roll, or
    • give a second skill to a player who already has received a skill, or
    • give a regular skill to two players of your choice that have not yet received a skill.
    These skills are kept for the rest of the tournament, so a team will have a total of 5 or 6 skills at the kickoff for game 6.
  • Thanks to a nearby temple of Shallya, all injuries are miracuously cured after every game, so the team resets to the starting roster with additional skills (see above).
  • Forgetting to move the turnmarker will not result in an illegal procedure unless both coaches agree to play this way.
  • Time control: the 4 minute time limit per turn will not be used, unless both players agree to play this way. However, match time is limited to 2 hours. Matches that are not in turn 7 of half 2 after 2h will receive a strict time limit of 15 mins per player to end the match, using a chess clock. Should a large delay be noticed earlier, the tournament organization may order the use of a clock before the 2h limit is reached. If time runs out for one player before the end of the last turn, the game will be scored as a loss by 2 regardless of the number of touchdowns scored.
  • Additional rule: "Morg hits the pitch". This rule replaces Riot (2) and Pitch Invasion (12) events on the kickoff table. Every coach rolls 2D6 to determine the team Morg will join for a short period. If one coach is outnumbered by the other team at the kickoff, the difference in players on the pitch is added to the roll (Morg likes to support young talents in desperate need). Repeat rolls until a winner stands. The coach with the higher result may place Morg as an additional player (12 players possible, the refs are told to ignore this) in any free square on their half. After each turn of Morg's team roll a D6 (no RR possible as outside the team turn), on a 3+ result the Morg will stay on the pitch, otherwise he'll leave the game just as fast as he appeared (dropping the ball if he carries it, bounces once). Morg will also stop playing if he get's KOed or injured, a touchdown is scored or a half ends. Morg will not perform foul actions ("Hey, i'm the Star!").

If a case of extremly unsporting behavior is reported (for example intentional delay of game, insulting other players or not accepting a refs decison regarding rules discussions), the tournament organization holds the right to deduct tournament points or even excluse players from the tournament. (Just to make sure, we do not think this will happen.)


Tournament Scoring

The tournament will be played in a swiss system after a random draw for the first round. Every coach will play 6 games on two days. After round 5, the two best ranked teams play the final to determine the tournament winner. All other coaches will play a 6th round for fun, honour, tournament and NAF ranking and to go for the title of "Best Non-Finalist". The following points will contribute to the tournament ranking:

  • Game results: 5 points for a win, 3 pts. for a draw, 1 pt. for a loss by 1, 0 pts. for a loss by 2 or more, -1 for a concede. Touchdown difference will be used as a first tiebreaker, followed by casualty difference.
  • Team Painting: up to 3 points total, for completeness, detail, basing and variety/conversions. These points are incorporated into the ranking after round 5 and may effect participation in the final.
  • Rare Races: gives up to 1 point to coaches who pick a rare race that no or few other coaches picked. These points are incorporated into the ranking after round 5 and may effect participation in the final.


Rough Timetable

Friday (optional for coaches arriving on Friday)
17:00 Tournament location opens.
Usual Friday night get-together with beer, lots of talking, occasional blood bowl and Longshot's tournament movies from BB42, Nottingham and Rendezvous BB, Paris.
Saturday (tournament day 1)
09:00 Tournament location opens.
10:00 Opening, Drawing of round 1
10:30 Game 1
12:30 Lunch break
14:30 Game 2
17:30 Game 3
20:00 Display of nominations and voting for Best Painted Award.
More beer, blood bowl (still not enough?), movies, talking ...
Sunday (tournament day 2)
09:00 Tournament location opens.
10:00 Game 4
12:30 Lunch break
13:30 Game 5
16:30 Game 6
17:00 Final starts
19:30 Award ceremony
around 20:15 All over :(