Legacy Team Contributions

The idea of a legacy team is that several painters from a community paint one mini each to form a unique and special team. The models and color scheme is coordinated, but there's still a lot ways to add personal flavor for a painter to his model. Painting a single model to a high standard is always fun to me and it's a good chance to try new thinks and advanced techniques The finished team is usually given to a randomly selected contributor.

Pogo Stick Gobbo for "Talk Blood Bowl" Legacy Team 2003

The first legacy team i contributed to was a Goblin team, the "Greenskinnatti Bungles", in the Cincinatti Bengals color scheme of black and orange. The team was won by McDeth from TBB.

Goblin with Pogostick
Scrappa Sorehead Star Player miniature
Molehill and Mr. Mole himself made from Greenstuff


Female Vampire for NAF Legacy Team 2003

This miniature was my contribution to the 2003 NAF Legacy Team, a Vampire Team painted by different members of the NAF. The vampire miniatures are pre-release castings donated by Fanatic and i was lucky enough to get one in the random draw amoungst all contributors. The color scheme was kept to the NAF colors black, white and red. I went for a gothic look for the female vampire, matching the mini and the color scheme. This was certainly inspired by my visit to the T5:2 tournament in Amsterdam some weeks before, where i played a full weekend in a gothic style pub. For the first time i tried some freehand details with the lacy straps at the pants and it turned really well. The team is now owned by Melifaxis from the NAF.


Blood Bowl Vampire
pre-release mini donated by Fanatic

Slannesh Chaos Warrior for TBB Legacy Team 2004

Another contribution, this time for the 2004 TBB Legacy team, a Slannesh Chaos team in classic blue and pink color scheme. I provided an old Chaos Warrior from the GW archives, to be used either on the pitch or off the pitch as an head or assistant coach. The paint job was done in a bit of a hurry as i was busy to finish my Norse team for the next tournament, but i think he still came out pretty well. The team was won by Indigo from TBB.

  Chaos Warrior / Coach
Old Slannesh Chaos Warrior from the GW Archives